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30/05/2014Major Update - Sites Networked
We have decided to make our 3 sites in to a network of sites. All customers will now get 3 leather niche sites for the price of just 1! This gives every member access to over 250,000 pictures and more than 600 videos. There has been no increase in price making this the best value network in the leather niche. Start promoting this fantastic offer today!

22/01/2014Anything You Need?
We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year, if there is anything you need to help kick off the new year and get in some early sales then please get in contact with us. We are still providing 3 updates per week on each of our leather based sites which is more than any of our competitors, so we need affiliates to bring in those extra sales to make sure we can carry on providing top quality and value!

30/07/2012All New Tours
We have re-vamped the tours for our 3 main sites: girlsinleatherboots.com, leatherfixation.com and ladiesinleathergloves.com. We have made them easier to navigate with embedded trailers, they are more pleasing on the eye but retain the great amateur look that has always served us well. Check out our portfolio for updates.

30/06/2012Tools, Tools, Tools
As always our tools are updating frequently with new zip sets and hosted galleries being added every Monday, keep checking back for the very latest updates

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